Code of Ethics

Iberceras strongly believes that behaving ethically in business is vital for good working practice and the credibility of a company in the eyes of its stakeholders: clients, suppliers, employees, external contractors and, in general, the whole economic context in which it operates.
We have, therefore, decided to adopt the following code of ethics to formally define the principles of correct behaviour, trustworthiness, integrity and transparency which the company has always  aspired to.
A clear commitment from the Company to abide by all laws and regulations in force in the Country in which it operates.
The company is committed to building a rapport with its clients which is not only based on a high level of professionalism but also characterized by respect, courtesy and a continuing effort to respond to customer needs and collaborate effectively.
Iberceras strives to be a trustworthy partner and, with this principle in mind, to supply both a high quality service and products.
Customer satisfaction is our primary objective.
All relations with suppliers and business partners must adhere to both national and international normatives

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